The rise of contextual financial services

Over the years, technology has transformed the way we do business for the better. Banking is increasingly integrating with our everyday lives. Banking has to follow customer journeys; nobody gets up in the morning and says “Yay! Today is the day I get my loan!” It’s rather, “Yes, today I get my new car!” The loan simply enables that, and ideally, is integrated into the car-buying process.

the contextual banking experience will go even further. It’s not hard to imagine a future when virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri will be able to tell you if you can afford to buy a house as you happen to cycle by. Given access to the relevant information, it will analyze your financial situation, current mortgage rates and variables like estimating college costs for your three kids. AI has the potential to completely refashion the classic banking business.

Our modular API-powered platform enables all kinds of companies to offer relevant banking services via their own unique digital channels and customer touchpoints.