Killer Apps to Recoup Billions Spent

Mobile carriers poured billions of dollars into high-speed 4G networks only to see technology giants such as Apple Inc.Facebook Inc. and Google walk away with most of the profits fueled by social media. They’re repeating it for 5G.

Telecommunications companies are looking to build a platform based on the metaverse, an idea that inspired “Ready Player One” and online games by market darlings such as Roblox Corp. 

Recognizing the business potential, telcos ranging from China Mobile Ltd. to Verizon Communications Inc. and SK Telecom Co. are jumping into the fray — alongside online-game developers — to build a “killer app” that could resemble a blend of today’s social media and e-commerce, but on steroids. Operators could earn a third more in revenue, potentially reaching $712 billion by 2030, if they introduce such innovative 5G applications on top of just laying pipes, according to a research by Ericsson AB’s research arm Consumer & IndustryLab.

For the full article vy By Shirley Zhao @ Bloomberg:

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