Financial institutions are pursuing new innovation models, and non-financial brands are looking to drive deeper customer engagement, while fintechs seek compliant and secure delivery methods for new financial services. Banking-as-a-Service programs unlock opportunities for each of them.

Both Fintech as a Service and Banking as a Service  allow banks, fintechs, and other third parties to connect with banks’ systems directly via APIs so they can build banking offerings on top of the providers’ regulated infrastructure, as well as unlock the open banking opportunity reshaping the global financial services landscape.

With the power of open banking infrastructure and modular lego-type FaaS, any Fintech and Legacy Bank in the Middle East can now have access with a single API to a one stop shop that spans from real time digital onboarding, real time ledgering, real-time card issuance & processing; plastic, virtual, prepaid, debit, and credit cards, FX, lending, rewards & loyalty, and much more.

Next-Gen Open Banking Modular

A solution tailored to your needs

A set of white label solutions and a team of UX experts dedicated to customize towards your needs

No need for complex systems

Our API catalog provides easy integration to your existing system

Open Banking Compliant

Modern built latest technologies including API’s for open banking support.

Tools to improve customer experience

Implement FinTech features which your customers are craving for


Choice of a La Carte (choose the services you want), Turnkey (white label ready made products), or Tailored (fully customized)

Locally Hosted & Localized

Hosted on our cloud from the pioneer sister company, Salam, with Arabic support and local compliance.

Why Jusoor ?

We bring innovation and assist with transformation

ISC is partnering with several banks in the region that will offer their Bins and access to  payment rails which will allow a fast track launch for Fintechs in the MENA.

Disrupting the financial sector in a positive way: “every company will be a fintech”.

Jusoor offers financial institutions a robust and customizable modular locally hosted cloudbased platform that enables real-time account opening and management.

For traditional banks, you have now an alternative to continue to invest in an expensive legacy core banking system to maintain it or to replace it (over 80% of traditional banks don’t have the intent to replace their existing core banking). Jusoor is the easiest, quickest,and most economical way to improve user experience, build you own digital products and increase revenues.

With a single API, you have access to a wealth of products and services: digital onboarding, real time ledgering, real-time card issuance & processing (plastic, virtual, prepaid, debit, credit card), FX, lending, loyalty, rewards, and much more.

We provide WHITE LABEL PAYMENT PLATFORM for banks, fintechs, telcos and brands. Our services are based on a simple premise — instead of paying for the full spectrum of design and development work, get a ready-made platform and brand it as your own. You may create your own e-wallet, provide neobanking services, support international transfers, or incorporate FX, loyalty, etc. Enter the market quickly and smoothly with a secure and fully featured system bearing your brand’s name.

“Smart financial institutions will find a way to enable embedded finance, and think about their balance sheet as their superpower”

Simon Taylor, Head of Ventures for 11:FS

ISC’s APIs are the building blocks for customers to build pretty much any financial use case they can imagine. The use cases are also diversified, with the top three being lending, banking and savings related, which are embedded into fintech, retail, telco, insurance and other customer journeys. We also offer credit card as a service allowing any company to offer a branded credit card using the ISC’s infrastructure and tech. In less than 12 weeks, we deliver a credit card in the customer’s brand along with a user journey seamlessly embedded into the customer’s existing user experience.

We offer the following services:

Banking services

Digital Onboarding, Accounts, Payments, Cards (debit/credit), Lending, Loyalty / Rewards

Customer Tools

iOS and Android apps, Customer Care, Data analytics

The nature of the financial institution is changing. New technology turns every app, software, retailer and busi­ness into a bank. And people are re­sponding in kind — with the uptake of platform functionality, consumers are showing that they want to bank with the brands they love. New solutions allow brands to seamlessly plug into banking plumbing to offer banking products.

Our Jusoor platform uses APIs to embed financial services in third party products. These APIs enable banks, fintechs, and brands to focus on their core products and not get dis­tracted by the complexities associated with payment services. Jusoor is a modular transactional platform which supports open banking for the sharing of financial data.

Fintech-as-a-Service vs. Open Banking

From a function­ality perspective, open banking allows read access only, while Jusoor allows read and write access. For example, while a spending app would want to use open banking to enable users to view their spending activity on all their credit cards on the app, Jusoor would allow the spending app to automate pushing excess money into a savings account.

The fintech as a service concept encompasses two core components: the ability to integrate financial services with another, typically non-financial, service (e.g. banking services within a ride-hailing app, accounting software or e-commerce platform); and the provision of financial services on a customer’s own terms — anytime and anywhere.

Empowering the move to make finan­cial services ubiquitous is a set of tech­nologies called fintech as a service.

You no longer need to go to a bank to conduct banking activities. Users can save money, move money and invest money through all kinds of apps provid­ed by all kinds of companies, including top retailers, accounting platforms, and transportation companies. Most mod­ern debit cards, when paired with a personal finance app, offer much of the functionality of traditional banks.


Fintechs need to move quickly while limiting their cash burn. Jusoor enables fin­techs to provide or model their product around these banking services easily and inexpensively. Whether a debit card is an add-on feature or integral to an offering, upstart financial technology firms can build on top of Jusoor platforms to offer the same types of services that banks offer their customers, but integrated more tight­ly into their own tech stacks.

With companies like Uber and Apple offering banking services, many established brands are interested in offering banking services to their current clients. Getting a bank license is an onerous task, and fast-moving firms do not want to lose focus on their core product while navigating the complex banking world. Many of today’s top brands have incorporated some form of banking or payments into their platforms, more deeply servicing their customers and diversifying their revenues.

Banks can use partnerships with platforms to expand their geographic and demographic reach. There are opportunities for banks to provide the core banking services behind many of today’s top Banking as a Service platforms and relationships. Acting as a bank in a banking as a service ecosystem also helps these financial services firms acquire customers they wouldn’t normally be able to onboard, at a much lower price than through direct marketing. For example, in 2020, Google revealed its plans to offer its own banking prod ucts delivered through a service it’s calling Google Plex. Google will provide a banking interface to its Google Pay users and a series of banking partners, including Citi, Stanford Federal Credit Union, and Seattle Bank, will provide co-branded back-end banking services, like debit cards and checking accounts. Bank partners will leverage Google’s brand and reach to tap into entirely new pools of customers.

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