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ISC provides cashless payment solutions and services which help our clients increase their revenues and reduce cost with highly secured solutions. We focus on payment solutions for the underserved. 

Our merchant services cover B2B and B2C markets. Every service supports bilingual Arabic and English languages. 

Our SMB Lending Marketplace provides partner financial institutions with good quality leads and it offers owners of small businesses a one stop shop to apply for a business load from all partner financial institutions.  Our platform uses API’s to link to all concerned stakeholders. 

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Financial Literacy for Young Adults

Managing money can be challenging long before responsibilities like car and rent payments enter the picture. Teens are faced with lots of wants and tight budget constraints, especially during the holiday season.  To help teens attain competence as they transition into adulthood, it is important to teach them how to manage their money.

Here are five suggestions to help your teen learn how to live within her means.

  1. Share real-life examples.
  2. Encourage them to make money.
  3. Start a savings account.
  4. Ask her to write down her needs versus her wants.
  5. Let her make mistakes.

Some lessons need to be learned firsthand, like having an emergency fund. If your teen were to get in a fender bender, ask her to pay you back part of the expense, either from her savings or by doing chores around the house. As a parent, sometimes it’s important to step back while your teen figures out how to handle an unexpected expense or opportunity. It will let her exercise her troubleshooting skills, and it will show her you have faith in her judgment.