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Interactive Smart Communications, a leading subsidiary of Mawarid Media & Communications Group in digital transformation, fintech and BPO with “Ubiquitous utility” as its mantra. ISC is privileged to play a role in achieving the goals of Visions 2030 for a technologically advanced Kingdom. ISC provides: (1) managed services and cloud-based verticals, (2) a comprehensive fintech platform and services, and (3) a technology-based interaction & experience hub to serve clients & partners.

Mawarid Media & Communications Group

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CEO’s Message

ISC is a digital transformation company and a fintech enabler.  ISC is a member of the Mawarid Media & Communications Group under the Mawarid Holding; which is a major contributor to the Kingdom’s Vision2030. ISC was founded with strong passion for technology to play a major role in the digital transformation of the Kingdom.

ISC works primarily with next generation technologies like Fintech, Blockchain, AI, Chatbots, IoT, etc. We are a ubiquitous utility for companies of all sizes and types. Because we believe in the power of collaboration, we are not reluctant to work with other companies local and international. Our experienced professionals on board envision, brainstorm, design and create world-class secure solutions.

Committed to bringing the latest and needed tech we strive not just for our internal shareholders needs but to bring about environmental and social aware solution to better our wellness and humanity. The technology we offer is built to empowering our communities and improving our quality of life.

We shall bring the new age to the kingdom.

Dr. Husam Yaghi

Managing Director

The Mawarid Holding

Mawarid Holding: 

Mawarid Holding is a private Saudi investment company. It was established in 1968. Its headquarters are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It manages and controls investments in diversified businesses in financial services, telecommunications, satellite television and radio network, construction, general distribution and trading, catering and restaurants.

Major investments

  • Arabian Inspection and Survey
  • Carton Products Company
  • Eastern Catering
  • Mawarid Construction Company
  • Mawarid Electronics
  • Mawarid International Company
  • Mawarid Marketing Company
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Madeed properties
  • Mawarid Overseas Company
    • Iridium Africa Company
  • MEED Trading Company
    • MEED Trading Company – (220+ C-Stores)
    • MEED Express – First Vending Operator in Saudi
  • Mawarid Food Company
    • Saudi Agricultural Development Company
  • Mawarid Gida Ticaret A.S.
  • Mawarid Services
    • Mawarid Services Company
  • Mawarid Trading Company (Saudi)
    • Mawarid Trading Kuwait
    • Mawarid Trading Qatar
    • Mawarid Trading UAE
    • Mawarid Trading Oman
    • Mawarid Trading Lebanon
    • Mawarid Trading Bahrain